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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

BBC TV : The Silent War

Yesterday I watched the first part of "The Silent War", part of the BBC TV Cold War series.

"The Silent War" is a two part programme on the submarine war during the cold war, with plenty of interviews of submariners from the UK, US and USSR navies. Lots of stuff here that I did not know, for example, in the 1950's the US put a listening cable across the 3,000 miles of the North Atlantic to the UK, which allowed them and us to log every USSR submarine that left the Baltic and Arctic bases. I know almost nothing about naval history in its own right, almost everything I know is as part of land campaigns, such as D-Day in 1944, or the occasional documentary on Trafalgar or the Battle of the North Atlantic. Can anyone recommend an introductory history book or documentary series?

I look forward to part two of "The Silent War".

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