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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

"All Is Lost" - a 5 star film

I watched this film today on blu-ray disc. It is great - stunning - Robert Redford is on screen, alone, throughout the film - he has about ten sentences to say, one of which is a single swear word, his performance is amazing. I recommend this film without hesitation.

When I put All Is Lost into Google Images, I got a Spanish poster, two publicity photos like the second photo and then this photo below.

I don't know this woman (her name is Irina Shayk) or why she is a celebrity (or I guess she is a celebrity - the dress and the pose suggest a red carpet appearance) and I don't mind looking at such an attractive woman, but why has Google's software listed her so prominently in my search for images of All Is Lost? I'm mystified.


  1. Irina is a famous Russian model and fiancee of Real Madrid's football star Cristiano Ronaldo

  2. Thanks. I put Ronaldo into Google and when is saw the photos, I recognised the face from adverts and news media; and then I lost interest. I am still interested in why her image came up in my search for the film though.