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Friday, 30 May 2014

Fortress Visit Report : Portsmouth Bastion

Before my recent visit to Portsmouth, I was researching the town, I could not find any hint of fortification of the town but I found reference to a 17th century gate. This is the gate.

A very fine, elegant, yet simple, gate it is. On the wall beside it there is a plaque that explains the gate had been resited.

This shows the 17th century bastioned fortification was in four layers.

First - an enceinte comprising of five bastions and a demi-bastion and a curtain wall. The river frontage used the existing Tudor defences and casemated artillery positions, the Round Tower and the Square Tower.

Second - four ravelins or demi-lunes and a counterguard in front of King's Bastion.

Third - a continuous covered way.

Fourth - two free standing demi-lunes and a free standing redoubt.

Most of the work was demolished by the Victorians but the King's Bastion was still standing, so I went for a look. these are some photos.

Looking South along the curtain to the right face of the King's Bastion

On King's Bastion looking North along the curtain

Angle of the bastion and the moat

Erosion, showing the earth construction of the bastion

Bastion gorge

Bricked-up bastion magazine

Tunnel under the curtain wall to the sally-port

Overlooking Spur Redoubt

Right flank of the bastion


On the remains of Spur Redoubt, looking back to the sally-port

Tudor riverside casemated artillery position

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