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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Portsmouth weekend

A very busy few days. My partner, B, was at the Royal Windsor Horse Show all week, so after Uni on Thursday I went down to Portsmouth for the weekend. Great weather , really good for fortress touring. a report of the walks around Portsmouth and Southsea will follow.

Then a piece of really bad news. We were driving back to York yesterday (Monday) when B had a call from the stables. Her horse had spooked during the night and speared himself on a post, he had to be rushed to the equine hospital for emergency surgery - he had torn his colon. The surgery went well, fingers crossed he doesn't get a serious infection.

This morning I had to travel a few miles from York, to Pocklington U3A History group to give a talk on 17th century fortification design. This was well received.

Now back to the routine for a few weeks - no, wait, - England cricket season starts today with a match against Sri Lanka - somewhere I have tickets for Sunday's match at Riverside - better get those found.

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