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Monday, 2 June 2014

Partizan - in a tent..

A good day yesterday. My first visit to Partizan. The sun was shining, B was off at the horse hospital, so I thought I would go to Partizan in Newark. I checked on Google and printed a map and set off.

A 40 minute train ride, York to Newark on East Coast Main Line. Then a 60 minute walk to the village of Kelham and Kelham Hall for Partizan. This year it was held in a marquee as there was a double booking (with an art deco fair I think). A couple of hours in the tent, then a 60 minute walk back to the rail station, a disappointing sandwich from Costa, and a 45 minute train ride. Back home by 15:30.

I bought nothing. I had in mind a few bits and pieces, such as a couple of generals with staff, but nothing tempted me. I did resist some more FIW figures, these from Galloping Major and some arab warriors for a future project.

That was a good fair, well organised and well run, a little cramped around some tables but no real issues. Fortunately it did not rain so no mud. There was a freebie, pictured below. This is not my field so if anyone would like it, please email me with your name and address and I will post it to you (

"Xmas Truce 1914" sculpted by Bill Thornhill

28mm British soldier/footballer in scarf and balaclava

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