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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Aspirant Renault and Sergeant Boudu (2)

 Renault Senior has got his son and his minder, Aspirant Renault and Sergeant Boudu, into the 4th Battalion of Infantry, "Les Vestons Verts", a long established battalion with a good reputation but it has been in barracks for a few months. However, unknown to Renault Senior, the 4th batt has a new commander, Colonel Driant, a battle hardened officer with views on fitness and readiness.

Colonel Driant's first decisions, smarten the men up and improve their fitness, get that kit on, its time for routemarching.

From his horse, he looks down on Aspirant Renault

"As for you young man, you need some discipline and some exercise. You need to find what the Armée is really about. Its feet. Your feet need to do some kilometres. You spend far too much time in Moonbucks and the Moulin Jaune and too many many fancy Italian restaurants. Captaine Rigaud, you stay here and chivy along that supply cart when it appears."

The column sets off.

For the first 30 minutes, the Aspirant keeps up.

But then he and Boudu start to fall behind.

Boudu tells the Aspirant "Driant's not going to like this"

Thirty minutes later and the column is long gone. The two men hear a cart behind them.

The supply cart has caught up with them

The young Aspirant's mood improves considerably.

Renault stops the supply cart. "Ah lunch" he shouts with glee. "Two cappucinos my man and do you have any olive focaccio bread?"

"Nope" thinks Boudu "the Colonel is definitely not going to like this."

(The Colonel and the Aspirant are Foundry figures. Boudu and the 4th Battalion are from Dixon Miniatures. The horse and cart are Irregular Miniatures, the drivers are from Colonel Bill's.)

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