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Friday, 27 June 2014

The Long Vac

The end of the academic year is upon us.

Last week was the last of the U3A talks, an overview of the Indian Mutiny.

This week was the last of the Uni of York's Lifelong Learning course on the Emergence of the USA as a Superpower, 1914 - 1941, excellently given by lecturer David Beeston. This was rather like a very good BBC history series, full of interesting facts and figures which go into my brain and add to my general understanding of history and help me fit my studies in French history into context.

Does this mean I will have a carefree summer to watch England v India test series. Regrettably, no. We are to move house in early August. We are to move to Nether Poppleton, outside York's outer ring road, still within the City of York but much closer to my partner's horse stable. Whilst I write this we have strangers crashing around this house, looking into all the nooks and crannies.

Oh well - I could have a day out at Scarborough tomorrow - War Torn is on, not a show I have been to before - and sunshine is forecast.


  1. I compliment you on not having a brain which is full, a problem which seems to be increasing for me. I did, however, get a faint chime from reference to Poppleton, and - sure enough - I am reminded that on 1st June 1644 Prince Rupert took possession of the bridge there, driving off Lord Manchester's dragoons, during the lead up to Marston Moor. Is the bridge still there?

    1. Since retirement I have been able to reclaim a whole load of memory cells by dumping all that professional procurement and civil service stuff. The new stuff is far more interesting.

      Unfortunately, the 1644 Poppleton bridge was a bridge of boats so that one is long gone. There is a bridge there now but built in the 70's I think. It carries the outer ring road over both the River Ouse and the East Coast Mainline railway so it's quite a monster. When the weather is windy, cyclists have to dismount whilst crossing the bridge, otherwise they get blown off their bikes.