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Saturday, 6 June 2015

"American Sniper"

Another week has flown by. England lost the second test match, so we had a drawn series, England 1 New Zealand 1. The two matches were very good, high scoring, with ups and downs for both teams and played in a really good spirit. I feel it is a pity there were only two matches in the series.

I watched "American Sniper" on DVD. I missed this at the cinema so I placed an order with Amazon. My verdict - this is a very good film, very well acted by the lead pair of actors with a good story to tell, I enjoyed it but I felt it was a little too long. I've decided not to keep it so it's on EBay.

I learnt one thing from the film - the role of the sniper in counter insurgency soldiering.

As I said - a very good film and I recommend it.

Chris Kyle, the American Sniper

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