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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Fort Beauséjour

As an England fan, the cricket (England v New Zealand second test match) is going really badly, so I am noodling around t'internet and I have found two things to share.

First, Youtube has a preview of the new "Man From Uncle" film, due out in August. I was following up my recent blog about Napoleon Solo. Check it out.

Second, Fort Beauséjour. I see many artillery structures with the tag "star fort", many of them are not but this fort certainly is a star fort. It is a beauty.

The fort was built by the French on the route between Louisbourg and Quebec in the Spring of 1751. At first, building proceeded rapidly but slowed and so was not completed before a force of British regulars and New England militia attacked on 4th June 1755 and took control on 16th June. The fort remained in British hands although it was attacked unsuccessfully by a force of Americans in 1776. I think it is now under the jurisdiction of the Canadian National Parks Service.

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