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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Lorraine Trip - Vroenhoven Bridge

On my recent trip to Liege and Lorraine, this was our first stop, the bridge at Vroenhoven.

One of three bridges across the Albert Canal and covered by the artillery of Fort Eben Emael.

I copied this map from Hugh Sebag-Montefiore's excellent book "Dunkirk". Vroenhoven is No. 3 and it and the bridge at Veldvezelte (no. 2) were captured intact by German glider troops on 10th May 1940, along with Fort Eben Emael. The third bridge at Kanne was destroyed by the Belgians.

The Vroenhaven bridge in the 1930s.

The bridge with the blockhouse after German capture

The new bridge, still with the blockhouse

The new bridge, a lovely photo from Ney & Partners Structures

Memorial to the Belgian defenders

During construction of the new bridge.

Also nearby is a memorial to a flight RAF Fairey Battles who attacked the bridges on 12th May 1940.

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