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Tuesday, 15 October 2019

In the Pyrenees

One of the sites we visited.

Following the victory at the Battle of Vittoria, Wellington's British & Irish/Portuguese/Spanish army pursued the French force to the Spain/France border that runs through the Pyrenees.

Marshall Soult was given command of the French. Wellington laid siege to San Sebastian and blockaded Pamplona. At the end of July, 1813, Soult decided to launch two counter-attacks into the passes at Maya and Roncesvalles.

I took some photos at Maya that show what a beautiful landscape this is and I can only imagine how the two forces fought in it.

Walking up from the road, looking back down the valley

Wild (?) ponies

"We're keeping an eye on you humans"

Beautiful country, probably much more wooded than Wellington's time

In the distance, France, La Grand Rhune

Bay of Biscay in the distance

Spanish vultures
Fighting in the Pyrenees, an early print (sorry about the quality)

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