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Sunday, 5 August 2012

England v South Africa 2nd test Day 3

The day started at a deli on the other side of York, bacon sarnies and coffee to set us up for the day.

England were batting the whole day. The morning season was South Africa's, then it rained at lunchtime, play started again about an hour late and what play. Kevin Pieterson and the new boy, James Taylor. 2 great sessions followed. Well done boys, a very good day's play, got England back into a very close position.

WE left at around 6 o'clock, before the rush. Fish and chips and sparkling wine for dinner, with an episode of Midsummer Murders. Middle age never felt so good.

Funniest call from the crowd, when KP (6'3'') and Taylor (a slight 5'5'') were walking to the middle some one close by shouted "It's looks like a dad and lad competition".

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