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Sunday, 12 August 2012

UNESCO Vauban List : Mont Dauphin

No. 7 in my translations of the UNESCO list French language descriptions


A new town, created ex-nihilo by Vauban in 1692, on a spur dominating the confluence of the rivers Durance and Guil. Urbanisation never succeeded, only four plots were allocated (20 houses) in 1700. An arsenal, two powder magazines, barracks and guardhouses were constructed during Vauban's lifetime. The Rochambeau barracks, casemated and a tenailled trace were laid out between 1765 and 1821. At the end of the 18th century, General le Michaud d'Arcon constructed a lunette by reducing the height of a 1728 work. Some advanced works in front of the entrance were built after 1830. After 1870, minor building works took place. The old wing of the arsenal was destroyed during a bombardment in 1940. The property was transferred from the military in 1983.

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