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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Postman delivers

The postman delivered three publications yesterday.

First up - an EBay purchase of "After The Battle - Issue 60 - The Maginot Line", by Jean Paul Pallud, published in 1988. I want to visit some of the Maginot Line ouvrages in 2013 and 2014, so I thought some research would be good, crib off what others have done before me. J P Pallud seems to have been working for AtB for donkeys years.

Next, from Amazon Marketplace "La 1re DLM Au Combat - Chars et Blindés de Cavalerie, 1939 - 1940", by Erik Barbanson, with the assistance of Francois Vauvillier. Part of Histoire et Collections' Encyclopedie de L'Armee Francaise. I love this series of books. It took me an hour just going through the book and looking at the photographs. M. Vauvillier is another French history publishing stalwart and I am looking forward to this read.

Third and final book received was another Amazon Marketplace purchase, Osprey Campaign series no. 172, "Gibraltar 1779 - 83 The Great Siege" by René Chartrand. I bought this to help me with a little research for this blog.

These three authors, Jean Paul Pallud, Francois Vauvillier and René Chartrand are terrific authors and historians. Their names on a book cover feel me with great confidence, I know I am buying a high quality, well researched book. M. Barbanson is unknown to me, so I will report back on how I find him.

Maria Callas on the MP3 player, singing Andre Chenier - such sublime bliss, such heartache.

Gosh - time flies - time to return to the cricket. Come on England.

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