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Sunday, 5 August 2012

UNESCO Vauban list : Arras

The UNESCO World Heritage Site listing for Vauban has twelve sites. On the website each location has a Historical Description written in French. I will write my translations of those Historical Descriptions. Here is the first.


The Citadel was constructed by Vauban and the engineer d'Aspremont between 1668 and 1672, at the same time as the citadel at Lille. The (Arras) Citadel became part of the second line of the Pré Carré, the network of fortified places along the North East frontier of France. Separated from the town of Arras by an esplanade, the Citadel was contracted with the aim of overlooking the town. The military buildings were constructed between 1673 and 1678, a destroyed barracks building was rebuilt in 1994. The ramparts were repaired in brick in the 19th century and modified (earthen parapet in lieu of brick). The site has seen several transformations since 1850, notably on the South East side.

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