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Monday, 10 September 2012

August Films

These are the films I watched during August. These are all mostly Bluray or dvd from Lovefilm and watched at home, but there were trips to the cinema.

The films are in three categories:-

  1. Arty films, usually drama, often foreign language;
  2. Drama/thriller, English language;
  3. Entertaining films, science fiction and fantasy, rainy Sunday afternoon films, put your brain in a box films.

Le Quattro Volte. The most surprising film of the month. An Italian film shot in Puglia. No dialogue, all visual, visual drama, visual jokes, visual tragedy. All the broadsheet critics raved about this film so I thought I would try it - within 30 seconds I was hooked.

Outrage. From Takeshi Kitano, same old stuff, marvellous.


The Descendants. Mr. Clooney puts in another fine performance as the family man whose wife is in a coma following an accident, he finds out she was seeing another man. Family drama at its best.

Carnage. A filmed play from Roman Polanski. Stay away from the cobbler. Very well acted


Rise of the Planet of the Apes
. This I really enjoyed. Andy Serkis is fantastic. Not a great story but very enjoyable.

From Paris With Love.
Columbiana. These three films were all very similar, rather Bourne like-individuals take on large numbers of baddies and win out. I think Luc Besson was involved in the production of the films.

I bought a Bluray disc this month (not something I do very often) John Carter, a film that was very poorly received and something of a flop in cinemas, but I really like it, for me this is another Star Wars. I think this may be a lonely furrow I am ploughing.

In addition there were two trips to the cinema to see the blockbusters in their true format, on a big screen with a very good sound system. The Dark Knight Rises and Bourne Legacy. Both had drawbacks, not quite up to the standards of their precursors but both very enjoyable.

So August was a good month for film watching, but not for cricket watching.

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