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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

FIHSOTV 1 Hué, Vietnam

I am starting a new series , Fortresses I Have Seen On TV, FIHSOTV. Obviously, this entry is Number 1.

I was watching a BBC programme on the Tet Offensive of 1968, part of a series on 20th century battles. The struggle at Hué was discussed. As soon as I saw the location camera work I thought it looked like a bastioned trace. I did some research, mainly Wikipedia, and found this:

This looks like the architect's site plan

 The site is 2Km by 2Km and is roughly square. Each corner has a bastion, with five bastions on each face of the enceinte. It is surrounded by a moat. Work began in 1804, initially with earthen walls, later replaced with stone walls 2 metres thick. I could not find any details on the architect.

Hué occupies a central location in Vietnam. It was started in 1804,  on a greenfield site. It was chosen to be the site of the new Imperial Palace.

A substantial town has grown up around the Imperial site, there are ten gates from the fortress, over the moat to the city.

A gate over the moat. Substantial damage was caused by bombing and shelling during the fighting, much of which has been repaired.

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