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Monday, 24 September 2012

Turkey Reading

So, back from the sunshine and into ..... autumn in a major way. We stepped off the plane at three in the morning at Leeds/Bradford airport and were hit in the face with howling winds and rain. The sign said "Welcome to Yorkshire", I thought "sarky bastard".

Whilst we were under the Turkish sun I read two of the three books I had taken.

First - Richard Holmes' biography of the Duke of Wellington. Richard's writing style was very much like his talking style, during several passages I could hear him in my head, saying the lines. A really good book, I don't think I learnt anything but it was a very enjoyable way to revisit the life of a great Irishman. Thank you Richard.

Second - Roger Cowley's "City of Fortune" on the Venetian Empire. Very readable. I learnt a lot, particularly about short term expedient actions and long term consequences, such as the storming of Constantinople in 1204. I'm sure the medieval specialist may not learn much but as a generalist or a specialist outside his field I thoroughly recommend this book.

Problem now is to lose the extra kilos from the great eating.

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