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Monday, 3 September 2012

Fortress Visit Report No. 2 , Castello a Mare, Palermo

Fortress Visit Report no. 2, Castello a Mare, Palermo, Sicily.

Visited June 2012.

Palermo was ringed by a bastioned enceinte but much of this was demolished during the 1860's, following the Italian Unification, as it was a symbol of Bourbon oppression. There are sections to be found in the back streets and the a few gates are visible, such as Porta Nuova.

On the seafront, sections of the bastioned wall have been adopted to commercial use.

Part of the port area is being redeveloped into a marina for tourist & pleasure craft. As part of the development, the remains of Castello a Mare are being tidied. When we visited, a substantial metal fence had been erected around the site but there was considerable evidence of ongoing work. The site was closed to public access.

The Castello comprised a medieval donjon and a gatehouse, then three bastions were added in the 16th century. A gun-tower was added to the middle bastion in the 17th century.

The medieval gatehouse with guntower behind

Bastion flank with orillion

The medieval donjon

The guntower behind the fence

The interior face of the gatehouse (left) and the guntower (right). The apartment block is the external boundary of the site.

One more interesting fortification structure, this time from the 20th century, on the beach.

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