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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Fiasco 2013

A very fine morning at Fiasco 2013 at the Royal Armouries in Leeds. It is the annual show of the Leeds Wargames Club.

I am not a wargamer but I do like a bit of painting, mainly mid-18th century imagination regiments. This was an opportunity to talk to some gamers and collectors.

The most interesting gaming table was by a group called Rune Lords with "Mad Max". The game is based on the film "Mad Max II : The Road Warrior". 54mm figures and scratch built vehicles, including the petrol tanker. It looked very impressive.

I spent some time watching a 10mm game of Bosworth Field, run by Kallistra with Hordes & Heroes figures on a hex table. At the end of the game both Richard III and Henry Tudor were dead, leaving the field to the young Lord Stanley - just think - we might have had a King Stanley. I had a very good chat with the organiser (name unknown, sorry) about artillery on the battlefield in 1485.

The nice chap on The Pike & Shot Society table gave me a very good pack of papers, including this:

 Together with three back copies of their journal, "Arquebusier". I shall peruse them all. They had three very good books on the uniforms and flags of the armies of Louis Quatorze which I am very tempted by, but the  cheapest was £55, so  thought maybe I should put them on my Christmas list, see if Santa will bring them.

One table I stopped at was for "History Club", a chap that was taking wargames into schools, using old Airfix figures. Keep up the good work.

As for soldier purchases, well not much really. I bought two blister packs from AW Miniatures, each containing eight Rogers Rangers and a blister pack of three pack mules from Midlam Miniatures. I was tempted by a few other items, but I resisted. I did have a very good chat with the guys from Offensive Miniatures, I do like their Spanish Napoleonic figures, maybe next time.

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