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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Holiday reading - "Burton & Swinburne....Spring Heeled Jack" & "The Somme"

"Burton & Swinburne in the Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack" by Mark Hodder.

I don't read novels, there is so much history I want to read, but holiday reading is the exception. I have been reading a few blog articles about Victorian Science Fiction. This roused my curiosity so I thought I would try one - this book above - I am very pleased I did. I thoroughly enjoyed  it, the plot, the twists, the characters, the ideas. I thought it was terrific.

My partner also read it, she liked the story but found the style of writing to be "clunky". I don't know what she means but she reads tens of novels to my one or two per year. Different tastes I suppose.

After the novel, I moved back to my home ground of history. I have a number of books on the top shelf that I had every intention of reading when I bought them - this is one of them. Another success. As a French history enthusiast, I have not read anything about The Somme. I have seen the occasional BBC documentary. This is a good, short introduction, I learnt much, now I'm thinking maybe I should go and have a few walks in the area. Good.

So - a good holiday with a couple of good books.

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