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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A Trip to Paris - Blog 2

While at Les Invalides, we visited the Eglise Du Dome, the Dome Chapel. This is the very ornate dome that can be seen for some miles around.

The chapel contains the resting places of several very famous French soldiers, including my hero Sebastien le Prestre, Seigneur de Vauban.

Also, these notables, Marechals Foch and Lyautey and Marechal-General Turenne.

And of course, right in the middle, centre stage, is Old Boney himself.

The Tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of the French. It is huge, as befits such a colossus. We all live through history, he made history.


  1. Looking at Napoleon's coliseum when I was there three years ago, I could only compared to the poor old Wellington, buried in a fairly crammed cellear underneath Saint Paul's in London... Life is sometimes ironic indeed

    1. I have not seen Wellington's tomb, maybe I should go next time I'm in the City.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Worth visiting: you'll sorrounded by prominent British heroes (Nelson for example) and Wellington is placed in a prominent place, but nothing like "la grandeur" of Napoleon tomb at Les Invalides