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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Aspirant Renault and Sergeant Boudu

I would like to introduce you to Aspirant Louis Renault and ex-Sergeant Priapus Boudu

Young Renault has only recently joined the Army, his uniforms are still being made by his father's tailor, so he is wearing his fashionable garments but he is wearing his badge of rank, his gorget.

Renault senior is very concerned for his son Louis so he asked his old sergeant, Priapus Boudu, to go with him to show him the ropes. Twenty years ago, Boudu was a sergeant on the losing side of the French & Indian War in Canada, he fought with the Compagnie Franche and the militia. He has dug out his old kit from his box and joined Louis on exercises.

They are so engrossed in their storytelling they fail to hear the horses hooves behind them as General Navarre and his ADC Capitaine Bougainville approach at speed.

They stand aside to let the officers through.

"Thank you gentlemen" Bougainville shouts, doffing his hat as they hurry away.

"That Navarre, I knew him when he was a slip of a lad and an aspirant. Just like you, my lad." Boudu says, pointing at the disappearing officers.

The figures are Foundry SYW French officers, Renault is a Foundry Prussian Early Napoleonic and Boudu is a Dixon F&I War Coureur du Bois Officer. I really enjoyed putting the two stands together but now its back to the 3rd Batt (Les Rouges Gorges), 1st Brigade of infantry.


  1. Very charming. Boudu sounds like a helpful chap for a young man to go to war with.