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Monday, 3 February 2014

Vapnartak 2014

This was a very impressive show, plenty of traders and demo games, I even managed to stick to my £50 budget.

These are the items I bought.

From Warbases  and the Dice Shop

From Dave Thomas, on 3 for 2 price basis

From Dixon's an AWI cannon and crew and from Irregular a horse and cart (as all armies need logistical support)

There were some impressive demo games, I liked two in particular

The Bunker had a War of the Worlds game, set in England around 1910 but with the Martians in warmachines based on the Jeff Wayne album cover artwork of Mike Trim

The Border Reivers had a demo "The Battle of Trafalgar Square 1984", based on a Russian invasion of Britain, they have pushed through to Central London and the fighting was in Trafalgar Square. The setting had a toppled Nelson's Column and a half ruined National Gallery, lots of model Russian and British vehicles, plenty of Dinky Toys cars and vans, with Royal Marines and militia fighting the Russian horde. There was even a model of THAT WOMAN in the Square.

Looking at the show guide this morning, I see someone had a Blakes 7 game, but I missed that....damn....I loved Blakes 7, never missed an episode.

Temptation, serious temptation to spend lots of money came from Early War Miniatures. About 20 years ago when my interest in French history was just starting, I was in Motor Books in Central London and they had a book "L'Automobile Sous L'Uniforme 1939 - 40" by Francois Vauvillier and Jean-Michel Touraine, a large, expensive book, just full of photographs of French Army vehicles. I was captivated by all this information, all this stuff, so I bought it. I love it, it is the best used book in my library as I still frequently refer to it. The company - Early War Miniatures - has a very large range of 20mm vehicles, artillery and figures that includes many of my favourite vehicles, a Laffly V15, a P17 half-track, a Lorraine 28 pc. The temptation to spend lots of money and create my own little Division Legere Mechanique was huge, but I resisted. Maybe next year.

My last purchase of the day was a piece of honey and spice cake from the Help for Heroes stand. Good cake.

All in all - a very good morning and a very good show.

Too wide for the copier platten.

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